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After 40+ years of playing professionally and 16 years of full time instruction, Tom has the experience needed to tailor each student's lesson plan for maximum benefit. Beginner, expert, young, and not-so-young, all benefit from Tom's instruction. His enthusiasm and gentle approach based on positive reinforcement provide a very comfortable learning environment. His students often see remarkable results very quickly.

Tom can teach all flavors of saxophone: baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano as well as flute and clarinet. In addition to the basic and finer points of instrument setup, fingering, breathing and mouth techniques, Tom is an expert music theorist who can help students understand the method behind the magic. He is currently writing a music theory book with excerpts shown here.

In addition to instrument instruction Tom can teach jazz improvisation, music writing/theory, counterpoint, arranging, orchestration, and composition.

Tom is currently accepting music students. He teaches out of  Maytan Music (Reno, NV) in a large and comfortable space. His rates are very reasonable. To see Tom's contact information, click here.

Video of 15 year old student Luke, 2 years playing tenor and 6 months with Tom:

Here is Tom analyzing Duke Ellington's "A Train" for Master Luke:
“Tom Delaney is an amazing music teacher, he teaches my granddaughter Emily, both on the Flute and the Alto Sax. He is extremely talented as a teacher and as a musician. Tom is exceptionally patient and no matter how challenging the music is, he always encourages Emily and makes her feel great about herself and her music. Emily looks forward to going to her lessons with Tom and practices all the time. Tom has helped Emily go from beginner to 1st chair on Alto Sax in her school band in just a few months."
 - Randy
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